Earthing and Grounding Meditation (audio file)


How long has it been since you placed your bare feet on the earth?

New research shows that earthing or grounding can be beneficial to our health.
By placing ourselves directly on the earth, we are able to disperse and even out the positive charge to bring the body back to a neutral state.
Grounding is important for all people, but more so if you are involved in spiritual development, psychic work or are opening your higher chakras through meditation. You may even just be open to the spiritual realms naturally and not fully grounding yourself after these processes or daily rituals.
This workbook and PDF will guide you to balance and re-centre.
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Being ungrounded can make us:

  • feel uneasy and restless
  • unfocused
  • off balance physically
  • clumsy
  • tired, drained of energy
  • lose co-ordination
  • spaced out/losing time
  • tired after waking
  • feel dizzy
  • forgetful
  • distracted easily
  • have scatty concentration
  • lose track of what we are saying