It’s in the spirituality of play that helps us come to know ourselves

Our lives are so full of things we need to “do”. We have chores, obligations, work and a seemingly never ending to-do list and our daily stressors. What we often forget to do is just ‘be’.

When we create we are expressing our true being and our spirituality. We are human be-ings, not human do-ings. Let your spirit breathe.

Now is the time to open / re-open the doors of flexibility, intuition, vulnerability, child-like innocence, and spontaneity.

Make time to connect back to yourself and your spirit, to play, laugh, and “be” in the present, being joyful.


Permission to play

Permission to play is a safe inclusive space for you to learn, grow and move forward into the new year with a refreshed vision and renewed vitality. Be supported throughout the year with monthly meet ups.

  • Youll learn about healing with crystals, tap into your creativity and play artistically with acrylics, pastels, pencils and inks, learn to read divination cards to enhance your intuition.
  • Experience a guided meditation with heart chakra singing bowl in the beautiful green surrounds.
  • Be supported by a small community of women lead by Diane who has over 30 years of experience and is a qualified meditation teacher.

This is your community and connection to warmhearted souls.
Meet new friends and enjoy a safe place to talk about everything from Angels to Zen.

Previous student artwork!

Each class is unique and will be directed by you.

If you only want to paint for the evening, you can paint. If you just want to play with crystals, that’s fine too. They’re individualised one-of-a-kind sessions and you can choose what you want to dive into.

Classes are on Sundays at 1pm to 3.30pm, all materials are supplied

We recommend signing up for minimum 3 classes to get the most out of the community and teachings.

Upcoming classes: 

Classes are based in Mitcham, Victoria.

Introduction to Alcohol Inks

Sunday April 14th 2019


Introduction to Crystals

Sunday May 19th 2019


Announcing soon!

Sunday June 16th 2019


Buy 3 Workshops to receive a 5% discount

Free grounding meditation

Re-align and fix:

• Feelings of uneasiness and restlessness

• Feeling unfocused

• Off balance physically

• Tired, drained of energy

• Spaced out/losing time

• Feeling dizzy

• Forgetfulness

• Scatty concentration

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