Getting over the excuses we use not to meditate

Jun 23, 2015 | Meditation

As I write this I want everyone to know that I to come up with these reasons as not to sit and be still, even it is only 5 minutes. So we all go through this but it is trying to take just a few minutes to sit and be with oneself. To concentrate on the breath and give yourself a break.

I’ve written some of the reasons I have heard from me and others; is this you also…

  • I’m too busy, I don’t have time
  • I find it really uncomfortable to sit for too long
  • To many distractions
  • It’s too noisy
  • It won’t work
  • There are no benefits for me
  • I never get it right
  • I am not good at it
  • I can’t get my mind to be quite…

Heard any of those before… we have all said them to ourselves. When asking someone to simply sit and watch their breath, it seems like you are asking them to do the impossible. Some go into fear, they start to panic and automatically say that they can’t do it. You can, it’s just that we have so much stuff around just sitting. It may bring up memories of being told you are lazy or you can’t sit around and do nothing. Well, let me tell you that is so OK to sit and do nothing it is even really good for your health. So take a couple of minutes to just sit and connect to your breath, don’t worry about the mind just stay with your breath in and out just focus on the breath in & out, in & out…

Start by doing this for a few minutes each day.

Angel blessings,



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