New Format available in 2020

                                                                                                Weekly session online via zoom

Awaken new pathways in your personal and professional life.

  • Would you love to draw on your experience and qualifications to develop trust and credibility with your customers and clients?
  • Would you love to help your clients have deeper and lasting transformation as a result of working with you?
  • Would you like to learn how to write, record and sell a meditation as a passive income product?

or maybe host an in-person meditation for your students?

But you don’t feel qualified, you’re lacking the structure and finding it hard to increase your prices and attract the right kind of client.

I know how difficult it can be to help your clients find meaningful change with the products and services you provide.
  • You don’t feel qualified enough to write or record a meditation & feelings of unworthiness are popping up
  • You don’t know how to write or structure a mediation, you’re finding it complex trying to put it together
  • You don’t feel as if you can increase your prices with your current skillset
  • Lacking confidence, feeling like you’re not good enough, not knowing where to start
  • You’d love to be attracting quality clients who are ready to listen

Allow me to guide you.


 2 ways to complete this training

In-person and homestudy learning held over two weekends

or NEW  weekly online lessons via ZOOM plus homestudy

                               (both course duration is 6 months, online lessons approx 3 months



Become an experienced and accredited meditation teacher


Provide a new service or product to your current clients


Help your clients have deeper and lasting transformation and dive deeper into your own meditation practice

Imagine if: 

You were qualified to teach meditation and you could bolster your bio

You felt confident enough to help people achieve meaningful change

You could easily structure, write and record a meditation and sell it

You could raise your prices, offer a new service and reach new customers

You formed a deeper connection with your meditation practice and went on a journey of self discovery, boosting your creativity and increasing focus and attention

Under the careful guidance of this course you will awaken new pathways in your personal and professional life.

Accredited Meditation Teacher Training is a simple, comprehensive solution for coaches, holistic healers and experienced meditators who want to give more value, provide students with a more fulfilling experience and deepen their meditation practice.


All of your assignments will be evaluated and you’ll be accredited as a meditation teacher once completed.


You will be given an e-manual & worksheets to fill in. (There are  5 modules and 11 units.)

The in-person trainings are held over two weekends in Mitcham, Victoria and are accompanied by additional phone & video calls.

Online weekly lessons – 2 hours for approx 3 months.

Both trainings allow additionial 3 months to complete final assessments

In personTBA – Weekend dates to be announced.    It is held in a small group environment and you will have ample time to complete all assessments before 2nd weekend.

Online-Commencing Wednesday evening February 26th 2020 @ 7.30pm to 9.30 pm

dates: Feb 26th, March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, April 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 13th

Check in’s: Wednesday evening 7.30pm to 8.30pm : June 24th, July 22nd & August 12th 

You’ll also be able to apply for membership to the Australian holistic healers and counsellors association.

Unlike other courses I’ll guide you through the whole process in person, with additional support with calls and emails.

I’ve set up a comfortable and warm setting in a protected environment for you to learn and grow.

We are open to your input and personal experience in our intimate group setting

I’m Diane Collett and I’ve hosted many students through my Meditation Teacher Training. I’m a qualified transpersonal art therapist and hold art classes regularly for my students. I have a certificate in meditation teaching and I combine the creative, the spiritual and the every day to help my clients on their journey to improved confidence and happiness. My passion is for everyone to be able to relax their body and free their mind.

Hear from some previous students of the course:

Diane opened up a whole new world to me and taught me some very valuable tools.

No question was too hard for her to answer and she made the experience rewarding with new applications to the craft to take home each week.
Diane’s working style is very person-centred and she will work with your individual needs.
Since completing my course I have had the courage to open my own Counselling practice which also boasts a Meditation Studio complete with a Meditation Practitioner!
I didn’t think I would ever call myself a qualified Meditation Teacher, thanks to the guidance of Diane I can proudly say I am.
Shelley Ellis

Counsellor & Meditation Practitioner, Counselling 2U

I began this course with Diane and thought I knew a bit about it. I actually knew very little. What an eye opener it was for me. I had been meditating for many years in a very limited way, which was working for me at the time. I now have been educated in many types of meditations.
I feel this is a very important component in teaching meditation as we are all different and have different needs. Through participating in this course, I was given many tools to use to help create peace and calm in a group seating and for individuals.
I have since started a meditation group in my home which began due to this course. I would highly recommend the meditation teachers course, not only to learn how to teach the fundamentals of meditation, but you are also taken on a journey of self discovery. Wow, what a ride! I thank you sincerely Di for all you have taught me.
Carolyn Jones

The Meditation Teachers Training Certificate is both a wonderful personal journey and course that will allow you to share this life-changing tool with many others. Di’s style is warm, nurturing and informative. This is a woman who knows her stuff and who will likely become a long life friend and Mentor. 
I completed what turned out to be a personal 1:1 training online via skype and would look forward to our weekly discussions which covered an in-depth approach to understanding, creating and teaching meditation. I have learnt so much and now I am so grateful to be sharing wisdom and teachings with both my coaching clients and many others. 
Di you are truly a special soul. Thank you for all that you have taught me and giving me the confidence, knowledge and courage to go out there and shine my own light. 
Pip Honour

Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Teacher

Di is a wealth of information when it comes to meditation.
The course allows you to evolve organically with your own personal exploration in writing, piecing together and facilitating an actual group.
Classes left me feeling inspired and uplifted.
Brionie Kelly

Diane is a wonderful teacher who generously shares her wealth of knowledge and wisdom as an experienced meditation teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed her Meditaiton Teacher Training. I had heard of her reputation as a teacher. Our sessions together were always full of valuable information and insights, but it was the ongoing support that was most invaluable for me. Was wonderful to be able to receive positive feedback from my first two groups of meditation students. I now feel confident to go out and share more of what I have learnt and the benefits of meditation with others.

Natasha Tay

You could try and write a meditation yourself of course – but you won’t have the structure and you may not feel confident holding space for your students during a class.

Accredited Meditation Teacher Training is:


(upfront payment)

Payment plan: $800 deposit

(+ 2 x payments of $425 over a 2 month period.)

So I can spend quality time with each student class size is strictly limited: In person to 8 people.  Online to 10 people

Enrollments close on the  16th February 2020

We’ll be starting on the 26th February 2020 so there’s no time to waste.

Apply today to become an accredited meditation teacher, deepen your meditation practice and learn how to facilitate your own groups and write, record and sell meditations.

Click here to download the course prospectus

Diane is a wonderful mentor & meditation teacher. Her knowledge, wisdom, warmth, humour and depth as a person & spiritual teacher make her Meditation Teachers Course one of the most fantastic and valuable course I have ever undertaken.
Class size is kept very small, which keeps teaching and pace set at a very intimate and personal level. I have experienced quite a profound transformation during my study as we explored all aspects of meditation, styles of practice and counselling techniques. I am now confidently running my own classes & workshops and have released two meditation albums and owe it all to Diane’s encouragement and her course.
I highly recommend her services and course for anyone interested in meditation and becoming a teacher.
Sara Brooke

The Space In Between,

Just finished Meditation teacher training with Di. Was blessed to spend such quality time in a wonderful class and with such a wonderful teacher. Amongst other things, Di is a mix of honesty, integrity, strength and gentleness. I recommend this course if you want to be a great meditation teacher but also a better person. It is an opportunity to not only be taught but to bring out the best in yourself and find trust in who you are.

Nicole Jacobsen

I have just finished my meditation teachers certificate journey with Di and what a magical adventure it has been. Di allowed the space, love and support to truly tap into my own process ensuring I was nurtured and guided in  a truly authentic way. Meditation has allowed me to evolve in all areas of my life in ways that I would of never imagined. This has had ripple effects on my loved ones and I feel truly blessed that I had Di to guide me on this journey. My words can’t capture how highly I recommend this training, so if you feel the calling, allow your heart to guide you.

Janie Dickinson


Do I need to have any experience with meditation?
Yes you do need to be able to meditate and have a meditation practice in place for yourself with a weekly meditation of at least 1-2 hours or a minimum of 1 years practice.
How can I use my certificate?
You can use the meditation teachers certificate in many ways, teaching meditation to groups or individuals, run workshops on mediation, write articles, record your meditation or you can even create a vision board workshop. There are many ways to take meditation out into the wider community.
What equipment do I need to bring?
Just a pen and note book!
How many assignments are there?
There are 7 assignments you will need to complete over a 5 month period in order to receive your certificate.
What are the recommended hours I should put aside each week?
We recommend you put aside 3 hours per week for for the course content.
What if I can’t make those dates?
You need to be able to make the in-person weekends in order to sign up for this particular course. If you’re interested in doing the course via correspondence please let me know at
If I am stuck can I talk to anyone?
Yes, I am able to be contacted via text, email or messenger. You also have an 1 hour session available to discuss any problems or to iron out any bumps you might experience after you’ve completed the course and have started taking your own classes.
Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, It is a deposit of $750.00 then 3 monthly payments of $300.00 over 3 months