Meditation Teachers Certificate Course

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*Accredited by the Australian holistic healers and counsellors association



Do you ever experience any of the following?

  • Feeling of not being good enough
  • Overworked and under relaxed
  • Tired in body and mind
  • Over chatty mind you can’t quieten down
  • Feeling of negativity, inflexibility in thinking and unable to move with change.
  • Lack of energy, no focus and cloudy mind
  • Heaviness in the body, sadness for no reason, lack energy and enthusiasm for life

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I combine meditation & mindfulness practice along with creative arts processes to assists people to slow down, reconnect to themselves and increase feelings of positivity /relaxation


Free grounding meditation

Re-align and fix:

• Feelings of uneasiness and restlessness

• Feeling unfocused

• Off balance physically

• Tired, drained of energy

• Spaced out/losing time

• Feeling dizzy

• Forgetfulness

• Scatty concentration

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