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Meditation Teachers Certificate course…. 2015 March  – Intake now open….

Art & Meditation as Medicine weekly group

Breathe to Soul Connection session  (6 hrs)

5 steps to combating overwhelm (14hrs)

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Do you have a clear direction in your  life you want to follow?

Do you have control over your emotions?

Can you express your emotions and feelings without being overwhelmed?

Do you have a dark side that you don’t acknowledge?

Do you want understand your personal mythology to help with your future?

Are you ready for change?

And to live your life your way?  

Then contact us at Angelic Presence…

Diane owner Angelic Presence


I Teach the Teachers

Meditation teachers certificate course that allows you to share the benefits of meditation with those around you. Graduating within 6 months you will be able to start on a new direction with your meditation. Allow me to share my passion of meditation by teaching you how to share it into the world. Whether you wish to use this course for your own personal self development or to share the magic of meditation through teaching.

Teaching is one of my passions and I enjoy immensely leading a group to empowerment and embodiment of being meditation teachers.

What is meditation and how can it benefit you

*Is the process of getting to know oneself inside and outside?

*Finding the peace within and being away from the everyday chatter in your mind.

*Relaxing of body and mind

*To attain complete control on the flow of thoughts

*Helps you with connecting to your true inner self.


*To help with physical and or mental stress of everyday life in this modern society.

* To help remove ourselves from our emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, that can control our every thought.

* Relax mind, body and spirit

* Help find the true you

*Help in making decision

*Positive health benefits

* Lowers heart rate

*Decrease in blood pressure

*Decrease depression

*Decrease anxiety

*Increase happiness, memory, learning ability

*Greater creativity

*Increase emotional stability

*Increase energy

*Reduce stress